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North Star Volunteer Fire Department

North Star Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief - Full Time/Paid Position with Benefits

Wage: DOE- Exempt

Summary of Job Classification: The individual occupying this position is under the general direction and supervision of the Board of Directors, the Fire Chief, is responsible for oversight of the general operations of a combination career/volunteer department, including the development and implementation of all administrative and management services programs and the day-to-day fire and E.M.S. department operations, including shift staffing and residency programs. This is an Exempt position.


1. Research, plan and implement departments short-term and long-term plans one year/three years/five-year plan.

2. Coordinates the development, maintenance, and review of all Emergency Services Departments.

3. Develop, present, and justify annual budget.

4. Prepares, reviews, and maintains documentation of all Departments.

5. Assumes the position of Incident Command during emergency operations.

6. Has the responsibility to recruit and retain emergency personnel, for example, volunteer, career, resident, and support.

7. Works as the Human Resources Officer.

Typical Functions:

1. Manages all Department services and activities to include training, injury prevention, emergency medical services, and fire protection and suppression.

2. Oversees and participates in developing the department's goals, objectives, work plan, and budget. Monitors the expenditures of service area funds to ensure compliance with the budget and policy. Applies for grant funding when applicable.

3. Develops and implements departmental policies, standing orders, and guidelines to address regulatory, legislative, and board policy matters appropriately.

 4. Directs the department's public relations efforts, including campaigns to present the need for changes in laws and policies and encourage fire prevention.

5. Monitors and prepares legislation as it relates to Fire Service Area activities. Presents testimony on legislative matters that impact the service area.

6. Assists with the development of Board of Directors agenda and work session items, including the review of agenda material, attending public hearings, and related proceedings to represent the department.

7. Attends civic, professional, and community group meetings to explain the department's activities and functions and promote favorable public opinions and working relations.

8. Evaluates and reports to the Board of Directors on the status and condition of the department emergency service resources and personnel.

9. Supervises Deputy Chief, Chaplain, and Administrative Assistants.

10. Initiates internal investigations when appropriate and directs corrective action as needed.

11. Supervises the development of Standard Operating Guidelines.

12. Respond to alarms and assist in the Incident Command structure of the emergency to include entry and directions of emergency crews if needed.

13. Prepares and develops short- and long-term plans for the department.

14. Maintains accurate records per applicable standards of all programs.

15. Researches and develops changes in the fiscal plans for all divisions.

16. Regularly required to respond as Battalion 31 and provide incident command at irregular hours and holidays. Regularly on-call by pager and cell phone for emergency calls.

17. While responding as Battalion 31, must reside within the Fire Service Area.

18. Other duties as assigned.

Job Contacts:

1. General Public.

2. N.S.V.F.D. Membership.

3. F.N.S.B. personnel.

4. Local, State, and Federal elected officials.

5. Area Fire Departments and Emergency Service Providers.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

1. Valid and unrestricted Alaska Driver's License or be able to obtain within 30 days.

2. Associate degree in the related field. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted for the required degree.

3. At least fifteen (15) years of increasingly responsible emergency service experience, six (6) of which must have been as a Battalion Chief or above.

4. Up to eight (8) years’ experience with combination paid/volunteer organization.

5. Extensive knowledge of fiscal responsibilities, budget preparation, grant preparation, licensing, reporting, and tracking of required expenditures.

6. ICS 100,200,300,400,700,800.

7. Fire Officer III. or DOE.

8. Current EMT I or equivalent.

9. Knowledge of management and administration principles, including long-range plans for funding, equipment, and projects.

10. Strong communication skills, including both verbal in person and via radio, and written communication.

11. Ability to write comprehensive reports and to communicate effectively with subordinates, superiors, and the community.

12. Proficiency in the use of computers, word, excel, and PowerPoint.

13. Progressive, innovative, and creative methods of supervisors.

14. Ability in project planning and scheduling in a multi-facet operation.

15. Applicants must have the ability to work independently.

16. Applicant must have attended courses relating to Human Resources and have the ability to successfully manage performance evaluations, progressive discipline procedures, and grievances.

17. Complete annual Department Physical Ability Test.

18. On Hiring will be required to pass NFPA1500 test.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Qualifications:

1. Bachelor's degree.

2. Professional experience providing training, conducting performance evaluations, and public speaking.

3. EMT III Certification or Paramedic License.

4. Fire Officer IV Certification (I.F.S.A.C. or other state-approved equivalents).

5. E.M.S. and Fire Instructor Certifications.

6. Fire Investigator Certification (Fire Investigator Technician or Certified Fire Investigator).

7. Graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer program or Chief Fire Officer Designation.

All these factors will be the basis for selecting candidates to be interviewed. In addition, the candidate selected for employment must satisfactorily perform the position's essential functions during a prescribed probationary period.


North Star Volunteer Fire Department

2358 Bradway Road

North Pole, Alaska 99705

(907) 488-3400

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