Monday, February 20, 2017
President Jennifer Stubblefield

The President shall be chief executive officer of the association, shall be responsible to supervise and coordinate association activities, preside over the meetings of the association and of the Board of Directors and shall see that the Financial Administrator keeps a record book of all transactions and correspondence.

Remembering the Fallen

All Fired Up

Competition Committee

The Firefighters Competition is being revamped, and the committee currently has some good dialogue. The committee does need a couple more chapter members to assist with developing new events and rules. This is the currently proposed changes provided by Committee Chairman Jason Buist.

Alaska Fire Conference Competition.pdf

If you would like to be a committee member, please email me at


Jennifer Stubblefield, President

ASFA AD&D Benefit Policy
The ASFA pays for its members to have Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy through Provident. Our membership is determined by the member lists ASFA chapters from around the state send in with dues.

Members are not required to fill out beneficiary forms.  If there is no form on file at claim time, the state beneficiary statutes are used to determine the beneficiary paid.  The order is typically spouse, children, parents, siblings, and then estate.  If any members wish to elect a beneficiary that falls outside this order, it is important that they keep an updated form on file with their department or the association chapter.  Below is the appropriate beneficiary form for any members who wish to keep an updated one on file.



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