Friday, March 6, 2015
President Jennifer Stubblefield

The President shall be chief executive officer of the association, shall be responsible to supervise and coordinate association activities, preside over the meetings of the association and of the Board of Directors and shall see that the Financial Administrator keeps a record book of all transactions and correspondence.

All Fired Up
ASFA Board of Directors' Meeting

ASFA Board of Directors Agenda

January 8, 2015

Call to Order

Roll call

Agenda approval

Agenda Items:

FY14 Budget vs Actual

FY15 Budget Review and Approve

Minutes – Billie Jo sent out for review. Approve at Spring BOD.

Seward Conference Update – Rych Clime

Grant Committee for Ken Akerley Grant 

Conference Committee Update – Rych Clime/Jennifer Stubblefield

Nominations - Need by Spring Board

  • 1st VP -
  • 2nd VP -
  • Western -
  • Interior -
  • SC Kenai -

Spring Board meeting - Travel or Teleconference – date

Travel Reimbursement - Billie Jo (perdiem rate / Form)

Conference profit from Kenai - Cvent reim  / No Seed reim

Provident Insurance - coverage posted to the website

Good of the order / membership comments


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